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Resource Guide To Organizing Time and Space  

Haven't you always wanted to learn what it takes to finally get organized? Never before has such a comprehensive compilation of the latest and greatest tips, techniques and trade secrets been made available to the public.  The Organizing Queen's Resource Guide will share with you the benefits of getting and staying organized.

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The Resource Guide contains the following:

*  How to use a calendar and planner
*  How long to keep documents
*  How to establish a filing system
*  Budget template
*  Menu planner
*  Maintenance program
*  How to stay focused

With the information you'll learn in this easy-to-understand guide, you'll understand how fulfilling it is to come home to a neat and organized sanctuary. Your home!

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The Organizing Queen's Resource Guide


In Case of Emergency (ICE) Book

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Now is the time to purchase your ICE book and begin populating it with your important documents.
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ICE Book

This is your most essential organizing product – your grab and go binder in the event of a disaster, and the crucial book for your power of attorney.  Your family will thank you for putting your affairs in order.

* Three-ring loose-leaf binder

* Easy reference

* Indexed and tabbed with ten convenient categories

  •          Automobile  
  •          Discretionary
  •          Education
  •          Finance
  •          Household
  • Insurance
  • Legal 
  • Medical
  • Memberships
  • Spiritual



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