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About Us


The Organizing Queen mission statement is to restore simplicity and space to your living place.  We share with you ways to reduce clutter, free up time and energy and enhance your living space --physical and emotional.  We emphasize good time-efficiency using a calendar and planner to develop good organizing habits.  

You can bring order to your life, and we can show you how.  You can depend on us to deliver exceptionally good service in a highly professional manner.  Genuine organizing is about claiming your freedom and allowing peace to pervade your life.  When you’re organized, your self-esteem go up and your blood pressure will go down. 

Each organizer brings his or her own unique skills and talents to the organizing field.  When you call The Organizing Queen, you will be speaking to Betty Arnold who will ask you about your circumstances in order to match you with the organizer best suited for you.




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