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Professional Organizing Rates


Single Organizing Session $180
One 3-hour session $60 per hour


The Organizing Queen Package $850
Five 3-hour sessions (15 hours) booked and prepaid.
$900 value – You save $50 on package discount!



The Condolence Queen COMPLIMENTARY
One 3-hour session
For clients who have lost a parent, spouse/partner or child through death during the past year.  Session includes walk-through assessment and organizing plan, resources and hands on organizing.  One complimentary session for qualifying clients.  Please Click Here to apply.



Consultation $350
Two 2-hour sessions
Session 1 -- Walk-through assessment and evaluation.
Session 2 –- Present written plan, explain organizing process and recommend products.



The Green Queen $195
How to reduce, what to reuse and where to recycle everything.



The Relocation Queen $850 for one organizer or $1700 for two organizers
Fifteen (15) hours for one or two organizers booked and prepaid.
Unpack, put away and organize after move.
$900 value – You save $50 for one organizer or $1,800 value – You save $100 for two organizers – Ultimate discount!



The Security Queen $195
One 3-hour session
From landscaping to lighting, from fire extinguishers to Internet firewall, and from household security to hurricane safety. 



Travel Fee $30
Distances further than 30 miles from the organizer’s home will be
charged for driving time at the rate of one-half the hourly rate or
$30 round trip.  Distances further than 50 miles from the organizer’s
home will be charged the current hourly rate of $60 round trip
prorated in one-half hour increments.



Shopping Fee $30
Shopping for specific organizing products or household items for client.
One-half of the standard rate or $30 per hour


NOTE:  Auctions, hoarding, unattended death and extenuating circumstances will be priced by the job.  


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