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What does it feel like to be organized?
Remember how you felt when you bought your espresso machine?  Recall your delight when you were given that red sequin sweater you wanted?  It can feel equally as exciting to discard that seldom used espresso machine and out-of-style oversized sweater.  Really?  Yes!  Both exciting and liberating.

Every thing has a home
The Organizing Queen will create space that allows you maximum efficiency and minimum stress.  We will provide creative, hands-on organizing for all areas of your home.  Room by room, we will work together to sort through everything and set up custom organization and storage systems.  A ‘home’ will be designated for every thing, so that when items are not in use you will know where they are stored, making the system easy to use.  

Professional Organizer Service

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Getting there is half the fun
The Organizing Queen offers three-hour organizing sessions.  During the first session, we will take an assessment, as well as begin to organize an area of your choice. This will allow you to learn how the process works and to see results right away. 

At the second session we will present you with an organizing plan, and together with the organizer you will execute the plan.  For many people organizing is a social endeavor, meaning that they perform better when they are working with another person.  The Organizing Queen will keep you focused and on track. 

You can reach your organizing potential!  We can help! 



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